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A Video Scrapbook May Be the Most Important Thing You Ever Do For Yourself

A Video Scrapbook May Be the Most Important Thing You Ever Do For Yourself

We don't wish to add to the ever-growing list of crises but there is an event in everyone's life that is a "GOTCHA!" It is the moment that a loved one passes on and all of a sudden you realize that you will never see them alive again. Now, that may sound rather obvious but it always happens. As you finally have a few moments to reflect on the loss of your mom or dad or grandma, a freight-train like wave hits you that they are gone and you have nothing left but some stuff and fading memories. That fact won't change but, you can make that "GOTCHA!" a lot less hurtful. We call it a Legacy Video Scrapbook. And, yes it is a video recording of your loved one (ahead of their passing) but with several differences. what's the big deal? Why make a video scrapbook, indeed. Stick a camera in someone's face and play "60 Minutes". Grill them on what was this and that like and call it a video scrapbook. Grandma is being a pill about making a video anyway. After all...I can take my time and paste some wonderful memorabilia into a scrapbook and end up with a nice keepsake. Who needs the grief? Here is a true story... (It isn't too unusual whenever you have a camera in your hand and you're eyeing a potential subject or even when you are "threatening" to make a video of someone.) We approached "mom" (86+ years old) with the idea of making a video scrapbook. First reactions? No thanks...I have nothing to say...who'd want to watch me anyway...I don't want to go through the hassle...the list continued. It was up to us to explain the reason of why make a video scrapbook to her. Not surprising at all. In fact, one of the first things an elderly person will think when you start talking to them about shooting a video scrapbook is that YOU think they are going to die soon and so you want to get them on video before it is too late! They usually don't even suspect that you'd just like to hear what they have to say! Here's one of the best ways to make your intended star understand this whole process. You simply say..."Wouldn't it have been wonderful if you were able to see a film of your great-great-grandfather or grandmother? Think of the connection you could make...the understanding of what it was like to live back then...what they were really like. We'd like your grandchildren to have that opportunity." If that doesn't work...explain that this is a kind of insurance policy that will protect you from that sick feeling you expect at their passing. It will give you a special heirloom to hang on to. That is pretty powerful and will be very hard for anyone to resist. And this is one of the many amazing benefits of your creating a video keepsake of a loved one - one of the many scrapbook tools you'll find here. Let's sum it up with a quote from our E-book. We would love to be able to re-capture the personas of those that we have lost---to hear them speak, to hear the stories that we remember as children, tap into their genealogical history once again, hear them philosophize, receive the benefit of their wisdom in a thought provoking way. We cannot recall many pertinent facts, for instance, of our grandparents' histories, our fathers' early years as children, and the circumstances of the transporting of our respective ancestors to the part of the country in which our fathers grew up. We have some recall of the sounds of their voices but over time, it is more and more difficult to remember those sounds. Why make a video scrapbook? We hope all this explains why we believe this is so important. To be able to preserve some of the personality, the essence of a loved one so generations decades from now can experience them is huge! Watches and letters are nice to touch and feel but to experience the subtle hand gestures and hear the voice inflections from great-great grandma or grandpa is utterly compelling. The process isn't brain surgery and follows right along with what it takes to compile a paper scrapbook. So, don't have a "GOTCHA!" moment - a little time spent right now will fix all that. We have made them for our remaining parents. Unfortunately, we began this process after our fathers passed on so we missed our chance there...we'll always regret it...don't you. Don't think you have the time or talent. Nonsense. Do as elaborate or as simple a video scrapbook as you wish but just do it. Don't make excuses. You'll actually find that what we tell you is a real positive for everyone involved. It is fun and actually inspiring. Find out everything you need to create this special heirloom. Please go to our site at make-a-video-scrapbook make-a-video-scrapbook . You can also get a free video of some actual video scrapbook samples. But, don't put it off until it is too late - it may be the most important thing you ever do for yourself! Gene Vasconi Pamela Horton, Ph.D. Gene is a video producer and Pam is a clinical psychologist. They are married and have teamed up to spread the word that creating the right kind of video scrapbook of a loved one is a critical and important activiy.

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