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Our First Time

Our First Time

By jasper72 - Jun 11, 2010 - From swinger- stories. Swinger stories - Views - 61277 My wife Jan & I have been married for nearly 25 years & she was a virgin when we got married so she has never had another man’s cock inside her. I have often spoken to her about it but she always says the thought turns her off.
Not so long ago we went on holiday to Orlando & got chatting to a young couple who were staying at the same motel. June & Tony were both in there early thirties & had 2 kids who they had left at home with the grandparents while they had a belated honeymoon. We became quite good friends often going to the amusement parks together or out for meals in the evening. Tony had been flirting with jan but I thought nothing of it & of course I had in turn been flirting with June, she was a stunner size 12, with pert little breasts that I had often admired when we had been at the pool side.
One evening we had been out for a meal & the beer had been flowing, & as we were making our way back Tony put his arm round Jan as the walked ahead of us. June looked at me & said that he was probably feeling her tits as he had often told her how he would love to get hold of her 36dd’s. I was taken aback at this but June said not to worry as it would only go that far. As we walked along she put her arm in mine & I could feel her firm breasts push against me.
When we got back to the motel Tony asked us in for a night cap at which Jan jumped at so off we went. Tony got out the JD & we all had a glass Jan was sat on the foot of the bed & Tony sat next to her, as they talked he put his arm back round her & was squeezing her tit right in front of me. The feeling in the pit of my stomach was like nothing I had felt before & my cock started to stir, I was transfixed watching my wife being felt up by a guy 15 years younger than her. His other hand was now on her thigh & she leant into him & I watched as they kissed I saw their tongues meet as her hand moved to rub the bulge in his pants. I then felt a hand on my hardening cock, it was June, as she rubbed me we kissed & my hands went to her tit’s which felt as good as the looked, it had been a long time since I had felt such firm & rounded tit’s. She took my cock out & was wanking me off as I looked at Jan & Tony on the bed Jan had by this time got tony’s cock out & all I could see was her head bobbing up & down as she sucked him into her mouth. Tony’s hand was now under Jan’s skirt & I could tell by her face that he was touching her pussy. I had not seen such an erotic site & I could see that Jan was enjoying herself.
I then turned my attention back to June & started to suck on her hard nipples while stroking her pussy through her panties. I pulled away the material & pushed a finger into her sopping wet fanny then moved it to my mouth, she tasted so good. I just had to have more. I moved down her body until my face was level with the freshest looking pussy, I pulled away her panties & started to lick holding her open as I did so.
Her fanny juices were running into my mouth, she was so wet. As I licked she pulled my head into her as she had her first orgasm and covered my mouth & chin with her cum.
I glanced over at the bed to see Jan & Tony in a 69, she was obviously enjoying it from the noises she was making. She does enjoy having oral but I had never heard her this vocal before. As I watched Tony said that he was going to cum & I expected her to take his cock from her mouth as she has never tasted spunk before but she seemed to tighten her grip around his cock & his ass cheeks clenched as he emptied his load into her eager mouth & she ground her fanny into his face as she also came.
June had now stripped off & was standing naked in front of me, she got to her knees in front of me & took my cock into her mouth. I knew that I wouldn’t last long after what I had just seen & after just a couple of minutes of fucking her face I shot my load into her eager mouth which was another 1st for me, she then came up & kissed me full on the lips, for the first time I tasted my own cum.
We all needed a bit of a rest by now & had another drink but it wasn’t long before Tony’s cock was hard again & both June & Jan were soon playing with it while he was fingering both there pussy’s, being a bit older it normally took longer for my cock to get hard but watching this scene in front of me soon had me ready for more, I moved to the bed & Jan started to wank me off, I looked down to see that Tony’s fingers had now been replaced by June’s who was now rubbing my wife’s fanny & licking her fingers. Tony & I moved to the chair to watch as Jan then started to suck on Junes tits her cunt was now squirming down onto June’s fingers. The next thing to happen took my breath away, June went down & started to lick her cunt & she must have known what to do as in no time she had Jan screaming with pleasure as she ground herself down onto Junes face. I could wait no longer & went behind June pushing my now rock hard cock up her sopping wet cunt.
Not wanting to be left out Tony turned Jan round & started to rub his hard cock up her slit teasing her, she started to shout for god sake fuck me , , , , put that fucking cock up my cunt , , , , , I need a hard cock now. This turned me on even more I had never heard her talk like this. I saw his cock enter her as she shouted to be fucked. This must have turned June on even more because June was now screaming at me to fuck her harder & deeper I took my cock out & turned her onto her back pushing her knees up to her chest & then pushed my cock back into her as I was fucking her with hard deep thrusts Tony & Jan moved so they were above June who took the hint & started to suck on his balls while he fucked my wifes cunt. I looked Jan in the eyes & we kissed as she was being fucked. Tony was now ready to cum & Jan told him to cum inside her, she told him she wanted to feel him squirt his spunk in to her belly, as he did so she squeezed her legs around his ass pulling him deeper inside her as she also came.
Myself & June weren’t far behind, I have never cum so much in my life it seemed to go on for ever & June was shouting for more as she soaked my cock with her hot cunt juices. I had never known a woman to cum so much. All four us just lay there, me holding June & Tony holding Jan. It all looked so erotic with both the women grinning from ear to ear with pure pleasure.
We swapped partners & as I lay there holding Jan in my arms I put a couple of fingers into her cunt & placed them at her lips which she sucked in to her mouth. I then kissed her on her lips & tasted Tony’s cum on her tongue as she pushed it in to my mouth, I told her I wanted to go down on her cunt & clean it out so she opened her legs wide & pushed my head down there, I started to lick her cum filled cunt & tasted her juices mixed with Tony’s. It was the first time I had tasted another guys cum & it wasn’t as bad as & thought,
We all rested for a while before Jan & I got dressed before we made our way to our own room. It is a night that Jan & I have relived many times while having pure dirty sex & is an experience that we would both love to repeat. I am trying to get her to go dogging next as I would love to see her being fucked in all her holes at the same time while I just wank myself off.

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