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Our Great Org

Our Great Orgy

By Lyn & Matt - Mar 18, 2009 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 39350 It was springtime. My husband & I have into swinging for some time. I am some-what bi & Matt is totally straight. We have made a lot of good friends and continue to communicate with them. Our encounters ranged from our hot tub from stripe poker parties to hotel rooms encounters with strangers. I just love a good hard strange dick sliding into my pussy where I can feel my labia rubbing across cock veins. Matt my husband gets extremely hard when he watches this happen to me. Three-somes to full sex swap with four-somes & even group sex to orgies were not uncommon. Both Matt & I enjoy these encounters. Our sex life is great, but we like a little spice.
We were thinking of a new way to get more people involved with our company. Our kids are teenagers and very seldom home on weekends. When the kids were small they had a game called (Po-Ke-No) its kinda like Bingo with ah twist. The game is played with cards and a deck of playing cards.
Shuffle the cards and with one playing card at ah time you place your little circles on the card that was called & so on until the squares, around the border, the X was formed, then you holler (Po-Ke-No when you get ah Bingo. It is ok for kinds. But we added ah new twist.
We invited our guests to bring four gag gifts and one good one under ten dollars. Wrapped packages. We had eight couple there. We would sit and have drinks & goodies and play this game for hours until the game winners had opened the gifts.
Mandy and her husband, Lee had a bit too much drink and feeling the booze. She said, “Hey I have an idea Let play strip Po-Ke-No and the winner gets to say who removes an article of clothing.” We all agreed to play this new game. It didn’t take long for the game to become sexual. After nearly every one lost their socks, shoes, shirts, pants and even underwear. Some one said, “ We need change some things here. The winner gets to tell or do anything to the person of his/her choosing”
Some of our guests were apprehensive about the rule changes. I stood up and removed my pantyhose and bra. That’s all I had left. I heard yells and whistles by both male & females. Matt did the same. He had his boxers left and removed them. Just by that gesture, the remaining clothes came off.
16 people made it look like a nudist group. We had small titties & big ones. We had some little pee pee’s and Big Cocks. We had fat folks and slim ones. Black couples & white. We started playing. King of clubs was called out. 3 of hearts so on & so on. (We were to play on the border) the com complete outer border had to be coverer before a winner. It was getting close to a winner. Everybody needed a certain card to be called. Everyone was waiting for his or her card with enthusiasm. 7 of diamonds was called. Betty, Mark’s wife called (Po- Ke-No) they lived across the street. She had won the game. Damn She has some pretty titties too.
She stood up with her big ol’ titties. She said, “Let’s see! I want Brenda too sit on Butch and grind her little pussy into his face for five minutes. Brenda didn’t like that at all. Betty said, “ That is the way we all agreed. You have too” Butch was more than ready. He lay on the floor as Brenda straddled his body and sat on his mustache. She started forcefully grinding her cunt over his face. I could tell he was really enjoying this. Brenda was starting too also. Her five minutes was up she had become pretty horny and taking her short breaths while moaning. Marks dick was hard and standing straight up.
We started another game. Four corners and the center spot. Oh yeah, the winner got to call the game’s cards.
Betty started calling out the playing cards. This game didn’t take long. Soon Cindy won the game. “Lynn, I want you to swallow Bert’s cock down to his balls and suck him off for five minutes. Bert was an African-American insurance agent. His wife was into real estate. I walked over to Bert and dropped down to her knees. Marty, Bert’s wife smiled at me as I watched his dick begin to grow before my very eyes with out touching him. Bert had ah nice piece of swinging meat. Bert started to insert his big toe in my bald snatch. I thought there was no way I could get his dong in my neck. I think he was the biggest cock there. The blood filled veins were as big as a pencil.
I kissed his head and begin to stroke his meat. It continued to grow. I licked his under side of his cock a he started to fuck my face. I looked up at Matt. I understood what he said by his lips moving. He said, “Are you ok with swallowing that huge dick” I moved my head up then back down showing him I could. Bert was pushing his meat down my throat a little at a time. I was trying my best to get this dick down my throat and the time ran out. I continued to suck him off. I was really getting into this black pole. Cindy said, “Hey Mandy, you can stop now. It’s like him & I was a freight train. He was Cumming. I was Cumming. And neither one had brakes. He was about to get me off with his toes in my cunt. I felt him stiffen a bit more as we both got off.
He shot his sperm down my neck in heartbeats. Every time his heart would beat I has another wad coming from his monster dick. He didn’t stop until I was having trouble swallowing his seed. He pulled his cock out of my gullet and he spewed the last few gobs on my titties. It seemed there was enough to fill a shot glass past the fill line.
I was coming down from my satisfying orgasm with my face covered with his cum and my sweat I felt proud of myself. I said, “Bert I am not going to quit til I get the dong down my throat to your balls. If I could take out my teeth I know I could ” He had to be 9” + and as big around as a cardboard toilet paper roll. I looked at him and smiled. “I’ll get it done Bert just you wait”
I think every body has finished playing this stupid fuckin’ game. I looked and the couples seated at the table. It was like Bert and I stared a fuck fest. Now this is going to be a night to remember. I just love getting ravaged by men & women. Matt does too. But, I didn’t see him. I stood up with shaky legs and I saw him in the kitchen with Marty. Matt had her on top of our kitchen island and banging her hinny and Sidney our mailman was in a 69 with her. Sidney has the widest tongue. He once covered my pussy with just his tongue. He laid his tongue against my honey spot and covered it com completely. My hairless entrance and my labia were covered.
Sidney was banging his dick in Marty’s throat as Matt was fuckin’ her bung. This is so erotic. I knew I had to get some more cock somewhere. Bert said, “that he had rested enough” He was right behind me while we watched his wife and my husband. Bert put his big arms around me and pinched my already hard nipples and said, “It looks like they will be busy for ah while Let’s you& I out to the hot tub. I want to see if you can take all this cock” Bert was so strong & fit, there is no way I could stop him if I wanted too.
I hollered at Matt and told him where Bert & I were going. I really don’t think Matt heard me. He was deep in concentration in Marty’s ass. “Ok sweetie” he said then. Bert & I left. I reached down and grabbed his big dick and we headed out to the hot tub, But! We were too late. There were two other couples in there first. It was Sidney’s wife, Barb and she was with some stranger. I donno who he is! Bert asked. He does have ah nice package I said to Bert. I’ll call him Bob. Bob had Barb bent over at the waist and she was holding on to the rim of the tub. He was standing up pounding her from behind. Floating on her back was Carol, Butch’s wife. She had maneuvered herself between Bob’s legs and was licking and suckin’ his balls.
Mark’s wife Mandy, and she was eating a desert from Carol’s love spot. Bert & I just got in with them and found our own little corner. I sat on the rim as Bert started to fingering my little bald honey pot. Bert started real slow with but deep penetrations. After just ah few minutes I reached down to get-hold of that black log between his legs. He was amazing just how long he was. The hot water from the hot tub, the mood and the condition I was in didn’t take long for me to reach an orgasm. Bret fingered my hot hole while I was climaxing as I was fucking his hand hard.
I calmed down and slipped beneath the water level and grabbed a mouthful for that Big Massive tool. I came up for air and we switched places. I had to get that black dick down my throat. I started real slow and gradually but carefully managed to deep throat this black Italian sausage. (Bert’s cock reminds me of a packaged Italian sausage) I was doing find until he started thrusting that raw meat down my neck with deep hard penetrations. I was going to get this dick down my throat one way or another. I held my hand up to tell him to let me do it.
I could feel his cock in my neck with every inward stroke. I had him except the last inch or so. I started gagging on his bale of pubic hair. I backed off a little and fucking his cock in my neck. I felt him grow a little, it was a sign he was nearing his ejaculation. I stopped beating on his meat and used my hand to finish him off.
“OH Damn, Lady Suck My Cock, Lynn. Suck That Black Dick” He started ejaculating down my open throat with each stroke. I had to swallow quickly to get every bit. Gobs and globs of goo came out of that wonderful black snake. I managed to deep throat the biggest dick in the land. My jaw muscles cramped up. Now! That fuckin’ hurt! Bert got me off and I got Bert off. We just sat back and watched the others fuckin’ as he held me lightly.
We went back in the house to get drinks & find Marty and Matt. We spotted Matt right a way. He was about to cum in Cindy’s ass. I ran over to him and said, “I did it. I got all of Bret’s cock down my neck. Aren’t you proud of me” He raised his head and look up at me. Yeah! Lynn. Great job. We talked all the time he was still poking some fun at Cindy.
Bret & I had a rough time finding Marty. He recognized her screams. We followed the sounds. Oh, there is Bert. “Marty are you under there” he asked. She was totally out of breath. Yep, Honey I’m ok. She was getting double penetrated by Lee and Sidney. Just standing they’re watching Marty get fucked that way made my pussy twitch, moisture was running down my legs. “C’mon Bert. I want you to fuck my pussy with that huge cock. I dropped to the floor and spread my legs W I D E and waiting for Bert to take his position. “Bert Fuck Me Silly” His cock was already for another round & standing out away from his body.
He dropped down and placed his cock head at my hairless entrance. He said, “Are you sure you want this? Marty can only take about half of this. I ask you again. Are you sure?” “Oh yeah. You black bastard, Mon and cram me full of that black meat. An inch or two at a time he said. I don’t want to drive too far too fast.
He started in real slow and tender. “Ooooh Yeah, baby just like that. Little more real slow and easy” I was starting to feel full. I looked down and about half of it was still visible. My snatch had never been stretched that far. It had too have been 51/2” around that thing. He knew I was full of cock. He started slow with-drawls and gained speed and depth as he fucked my pussy. I had gotten past the full feeling, now I was bloated. I swallowed Bert to his balls but my love connection was not deep enough to take his massive tool.
Bert wanted to do me doggie so he pulled out and the grossest sound I had ever heard. A loud lingering Pussy Fart. I got up & bent over holding on to the couch where Marty was getting laid. I spread my legs to guide Bert to his goal. My cunt was already stretched so entrance was not an issue. Bert started pounding violently and got passed his original depth. He kept up on his attempts to bury his cock in my little hole.
He was pounding me with his full length as I was nearing orgasm. Bert as too. The full blood vessels of his dick had been rubbing my G-spot. I had never squirted for years, but I knew it was coming. Bert was about to empty his load again. He was great! “Come on Bert You Black Bastard. Give it me. Cum deep in my tunnel” He grunted loudly. “I’m Going to Cum” He started a faster pace thrusting his cock in me with one goal. We climaxed together as he was Cumming. I felt my pussy contract and spewed my female cum back at him. I almost fainted over the overwhelming orgasm that it lasted longer than any other climaxes before.
Marty started screaming that she was chumming from her double team. Matt walked over to her and she took his dick in her month and sucked him off during her orgasm. That caused a chain-reaction as Matt, Sidney and Lee to cumm. They filled every orifice she had. Sweat was dripping off their faces and fell in a big slimy ball of naked bodies. The five of us were spent. My snatch has never been more satisfied. All of us were trying to get a breath and a drink to rid ourselves of the cotton month, well except Marty. She still had a month full of Matt’s cum…

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