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How Staging Sells a Home By Kay Barchetti

Selling your house? Staging makes an empty house a home. Here's a real-life "sold" example of how it works.
Mr. and Mrs. "S" called me. They were fed up and angry. One year of carrying two mortgages, their big, beautiful house in the North Hills of Pittsburgh sitting vacant on the market - not a single offer in all that time - and theirpany "X" real estate agent couldn't tell them why.
"I hear you work magic, " Mr. "S" said to me.
So, two days later, I interview them in the home they'd down-sized to, a lovely patio home with beautiful furniture, and I'm thinking, "Wow. These people know how to create a home." And they tell me all about their house that hasn't sold.
It was a huge place-4, 100 square feet! And it was just to die for. Custom-built gourmet kitchen with granite counters and hardwood floors, oak throughout the house, vaulted cathedral ceilings, open floor plan, big rooms, huge master bedroom, tons of windows, big sliding glass doors opening onto the tiered decking and patio-there was even a pool!
And then there were the grounds: Almost an acre of land with hundred-year-old sycamores, beautiful landscaping, flowers-Mrs. "S" had tears in her eyes as they described their former home.
I'm heading over to this house the next day, I'm already in love with it, sight unseen. Then I get there. Bam. What happened. This isn't a home. This isn't what I heard them talk about - the kids, the Christmases and Thanksgivings in their gorgeous dining room, the entertaining, the house that all their children's friends loved to hang out at, the big, beautiful, warm home that helped them raise a family and live a happy life-this was just a house! It was cold, dark and empty and had nothing left to show for what a gem of a house it was.
So I started making my list to bring back the magic of this home that everybody loved.
For a whole year, this place had been shown with two lights in the entire house. BRING IN LIGHTS!
For a whole year, this place had been shown without any furniture to show people that this is a HOME, not an empty box with vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors. BRING IN FURNITURE! (What we call STAGING.)
After a whole year, the grounds had lost their perfect grooming, making it look abandoned and depressing. WEED, MOW, MULCH, AND PLANT FLOWERS!
For a whole year, the elements had trashed the beautiful decking, making it look uninviting. POWER-WASH THE DECK!
And then there was the blue carpeting and the blue wallpaper. Without the furniture toplement and offset them, that blue just dominated the rooms! I've seen over and over how strong colors jump up and shout, especially on the web, and I didn't want people checking out the house on the web only to get distracted by strong colors!
Well, my number one rule is Keep It Simple, Sellers, so for the carpeting, I knew that the furniture I was bringing in anyway was all that was needed to take the focus off the color. But wallpaper's a different story: It's as personal to every homeowner as the art that hangs on their walls. It's always better to just remove it and paint the walls a neutral color.
So I start getting to work on my list: bringing in furniture, hanging pictures, polishing, planting flowers, power-washing the deck-and they're amazed. I'm as religious as the next person, but I don't just put a house on the market, then pray that it sells. I work to make it sell.
And then something happened that I see over and over: They started getting excited again. Not right away, not even after the first week of me going over there almost every day to work on the house. And certainly not at our second meeting when I brought them the list of what needed to be done!
Maybe they thought I was full of hot air, maybe they thought I was half nuts. They didn't say much, but they also didn't disagree, which is good. That says to me they're listening, they're willing to work with me, they're willing to trust me and give me a chance to make good on my promise to definitely sell their house, and to hopefully do it within my average of 60 days to contract.
Sure enough, going into the second week, they started getting excited, not just the homeowners, but the whole family. They all started pitching in. The sons came over to mow the lawn and mulch under all the trees, they brought in a professional cleaner to scrub the home from top to bottom, they brought in painters to spiff up the garage and basement, they started bringing furniture and little knick-knacks back to the house-they even brought back the beautiful teak patio furniture.
After I'd furnished the house and after I'd brought in a ton of lamps, I asked them, "May I ask you for a month's electricity bill? May I leave a few lights on at night so people can peek in and see how beautiful this home is?" Well, Mr. "S" said to me, "A month?! What if it's another year? How do I know you'll sell this house at all? It didn't sell for the last twelve months!"
"Do you trust me?" I asked him. "Look, after one month, I'll pay the electric bill."
They trusted me to leave the lights on. But it didn't take a month; it just took a week.
Why? Because with staging, we made the house a home.
I believe that to give truly great customer service one must "Make a customer, not a sale!" Katherine Barchetti
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Kay_Barchetti Kay_Barchetti

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