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Book Review - The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy By Ed Rivis By Cindy King

The phrase has been used before, but if you have a website you really need to read The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy, by Ed Rivis.
Ed covers 22 important web strategies you need to know for all websites. Equally important, any brick and mortarpany can also use these strategies to their advantage in their existing markets, or use them as they move online.
Every year thousands of new websitese online.
Manypanies create pretty websites. And six months later the website owner finds out that 'pretty' does not sell.
Slow loading graphics are a real turn off for most people. It only takes a few seconds waiting before a person leaves your site. Fancy graphics are actually a tool to drive people to yourpetitor's site.
The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy is a 200 page book. I got the book when it was pre-released in electronic format forments. I easily read it over a hectic weekend.
This is a useful resource to have on your desk. That's why I was one of the first in line when the book came out in hard copy. It is the only book that sits on my desk.
Chapters follow a logical progression, but each chapter is stand alone.
If you already have a solid grasp in Front-End Acquisition and a good idea of Integrated Marketing you might consider skipping the first 2 chapters and only reading the second half of the book. But this is probably foolish. There is a lot of solid content in each chapter.
The second half of the book is about Back-End Marketing, Scientifically Optimizing Sales and the conclusion Putting It All Together.
In the very beginning Ed lists the 13 mostmon reasons for poor web performance.
If you have:
Perfectly targeted traffic THE PERFECT keywords A site that is not pushy A website that radiates trust Rock solid design that is not too flashy and nor too slow.Then you may not need this book. Of course your website still needs to meet the other 8 factors before you can say that this book is not for you.
Ed is a strong believer in copywriting, so you will read a fair bit about the importance of content. Remember; no graphic heavy and flashy websites. Content is still king.
Your website is like a growth hormone for your business. Most websites do not take the time to go through a good checklist and get everything right. If you don't work at improving your website through an expert checklist like Ed's, you can easily drive prospects away from your products and services.
Ed uses images and graphics very clearly to help visualize parts of his book. The graphics are examples of what Ed recommends you use on your website, just where you really need it. He makes his points very clear.
A sneak peak - Ed has another producting out soon on statistics.
Now you may be like Ed was a while ago and think that stats are not the most exciting subject.
But this is a huge mistake.
If you can't measure it, you can't manage it, and since most business owners have no idea how their website is doing they may as well be running advertising in a foreign language. The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy, a must read for any serious internet marketer.
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