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How a CD Case Saved My Sex Life - Rethinking Valentines By Camille Garcia

I'm not a real Valentines person. And yeah it's that time of year where gardeners start decapitating roses, confection shops start spreading diabetes with chocolate-y and caramel-y delights and motel owners become overnight millionaires as they watch the population rise a few percentage points. I honestly never got the point of this celebration. I thought it was a convenient way for sexually transmitted diseases to find new hosts, so I usually just spent it hanging out with friends or drinking at the local bar. But along came Sidney.
She is everything I ever wanted in a girl. Long, dark hair, hazel brown eyes, a bubbly personality and sweetness that gives me a sugar rush on an empty stomach. I'm happy to say that for the most part, we were like Bonnie and Clyde, doing mischief together and everything was perfect. And damn the sex was awesome. Until of course we had our first year as a couple. And I realized just how fervidly she worshiped Valentines day.
She was the type who would cause a minor deforestation just to fill every corner of her house with roses. She would dress in bright pink and deep red for the entire day, and would throw around love quotations from everyone from Marcus Aurelius to William Butler Yeats like she had a PhD. And of course for me, Valentines day just gave me allergies so I was really freaked out after finding that out. For the first time in our relationship, I was so ticked off that I didn't make love to her the entire day even though she asked. We didn't talk for a week.
But in all relationships, I learned that compromise is always possible. So I, St. Valentine's public enemy number one, surprised her the very next week with a burned CD of her favorite love songs. And the environmentalist that I am, I even gave it with an origami CD case made of recycled paper. So I learned that you didn't have to be over the top to even enjoy Valentines day.
So if you want more ideas for Valentines (no matter how big a hater you are) lifehackery 2008/02/13/10-great-ways-to-hack-valentines -day-for-your-belovedlifehackery 2008/02/13/10-great-ways-to-hack-valentines-day-for-your-beloved/
Camille_Garcia Camille_Garcia

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