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Paris Hilton was born in Manhattan February 17, 1981. This free spirited Aquarian Heiress to the Hilton fortune seems to have it all. She is a sexy blonde with a lot of money and the world at her feet. All she has to do is wake up, think of an idea And she can make it happen....I want to be a Singer...I want to be A model...I want to be a designer... I want to be an goes on and on. There are not too many things in this world the party-girl socialite can't have. Paris launched her record label Heiress in July 2004, She wrote a book Confessions of an Heiress which landed on the New York Times Best seller list, She has her own jewelry line com complete with Pink Sparkles, Stars and Hearts and Barbara Walter's named her one of the most fascinating people of 2004. (I have to say I've never understood the appeal with Barbara, a dull unattractive reporter who should have retired before the ice age began). By the way, Paris was booed off the stage in Miami when she tried to perform her single debut of Screwed. She must be referring to her sex life. She can have what most of us can only dream about. Is this the fascination with her celebrity and money? Well, of course it is!!!!! If Paris were the sexy school cheerleader who had a sex video circulating around the campus and no money, I'm sure she would receive a much different attitude from the world. Her money affords her the freedom to be laissez faire about her life and exploits. Let's face it, she has never had to worry or think about money and that is a reality we all wish we could live in. A naked photo of her in a hummer with her pooch in her lap fetches a cool $46K at a Christie's auction for the Elton John Aids Foundation. The website ParisExposed and One Night In Paris showed the world the kinkier side of this tabloid junky. Some of the top billings in her sexual escapades are Rick Soloman, the co-star of One Night In Paris. She has a proclivity toward rich Greek billionaires. Her brief affairs with fianc_ Paris Latsis and Starvos Niarchos landed her much tabloid fanfare. When she dumped Paris Latsis, Valentino publicly slammed her saying "She's not all that". Two weeks later she dated Starvos Niarchos and they had sex in a toilet at a nighclub. She's been linked to Leonardo Di Caprio in 2000, Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild, Oscar De La Hoya, Jason Shaw a Tommy Hilfiger model, Edward Furlong of Terminator 2 and 41-year-old Derek Whibley the lead singer of Sum. I'm sure the list is much longer. After all, she had to house her sex videos in a storage facility and she didn't pay the bill, which is how the genius behind Parisexposed came by her sex tapes and medical records. The question on everybody's lips that didn't subscribe to the site is How many lovers and videos are there? Joe Francis told Howard Stern that he would never have sex with her again after reading her medical records on ParisExposed and he went on to say that she was the best sex he's ever had. Something very scary must be in those records for a horn-dog to make such a declaration. Just think, all of this made possible by great granddaddy Conrad Hilton founder of Hilton Hotels. A man she probably never met. As for our fascination with Paris, I'm sure it will be short lived. After all, how long can The sex life of an egomaniacal nymph keep such a fickle audience entertained.
Celebrity Killa Writes on assignment for the Celebrity News Show.

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