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Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill

By L Michaels - Dec 2, 2008 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 40439 My name is Jack and I met this woman named Jill at a party three weeks ago, she is a vibrant woman with a flare of showing off her beautiful body. She loves to wear very loose fitting clothing that lets her ample breasts come into full view without any trouble at all, and her skirts and dresses are all not real short, but make it easy for her to allow her legs to open to re4veal her shaven pussy. Now I'm not knocking her at all, I love her freedom of expression and willingness to try more adventurous thing. One time is she and I were shopping at a large department store for something, I don't even remember when she wanted to have sex, so we did, now I know that these stores all have cameras everywhere so some one in security got an eye full. She is a late 40's person, with ample breasts, like 38d and 26 inch waist and not much bigger hips, and damn she is hot to look at. Now I'm a 54 yrs old man, that works construction well home repairs so I stay in good shape, at least that's what the ladies say at least. I've had a few beautiful lovers and some one night stands, but enough about us, She came over one day to see what I was doing this weekend, I said nothing so far, what's on your mind, she said well my old car won't make it to Pensacola to pick up Summer her daughter and was wandering if I could drive her up and if at all possible to take the convertible because she loves it. I said whom, that's a long drive, she said well she would make it a little easier to take if I'd agree, now when she says that, that means there is going to be plenty of sex involved, so I smiled and said I see, well in that case I'll ask you now, she smiled and started towards me, I said well I was going to ask for that, but, she giggled, she said well then, what's on your mind then stud, I said well I was going to ask you if you'd like to go to Fantasy Fest in the Keys this next week, but since your daughter is going to be in town, she squealed and said oh hell yes, and as far as Summer was concerned, she would probably love it too, so I said well then, I'll tell Charley that his house is mine for the week, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, she then told me that she had heard about Fantasy Fest from some friends of her's and she had always wanted to go, but couldn't afford it, I said well then, you'll need the following, a bikini bottom and a shirt, and some sandals, that's it, she looked at me, I said nudity is allowed and almost a requirement for the ladies there, in fact there is a bar/ restaurant that does not allow clothing at all to be there, you have to strip to enter, she lit up, she said oh hell yes, let's go, I said ok, now back to the other part, she smiled and knelt down and gave me a blow job, I grunted as I came, she giggled as she licked the last few drops from my cock, she said I know some one else that is going to love your cock as much as I do, I said oh yea, she said oh yea, Summer is a younger version of me, she loves sex as much as I do. She stayed the night, the next morning after numerous bouts of earth shattering sex, and I do mean earth shattering, we went to her place, packed her things for the drive up there, which wasn't a lot, but she wanted them any ways and off we went. We were on the expressway not more than a few miles when she took off her top, I smiled and told her that we will probably get pulled over for her doing this, she smiled and said oh well, I said well at least put the shirt back on, but don't button it up, or it might take us a lot longer getting to your daughters, she frowned and said ok, you're probably right, but I don't like it, I said I promise, when we get to the seven mile stretch this weekend, you'll be able to strip naked and no one will care, that brightened her up com completely.>We got to the naval base and told the guard we were there to pick up Chief Petty Officer Martin, he pointed out a lot for us to go to and then we had to walk the rest of the way to the ship, so we did, it was a beautiful day, so the walk felt great after the long drive. We arrived at the ship, Summer was surrounded by five sailors, they all were blocking her path, as soon as she would go one direction they would shift to block her from going there, she was getting frantic from the sounds of it, when I got there and Jill yelled out her name, they turned to look and that's when Summer made her get away, they grabbed her and held her there, I said ok guys, fun time is over, let her go, they didn't listen, I got closer and repeated my statement, they didn't seem to hear me, I was directly behind them and said it louder this time wedging myself threw them and to Summer, she stayed right with me, one guys said hold it old man, she's staying with us, I didn't stop, then they all grabbed at her again, this time I dropped two of them and had the third on his knees and four and five stepped back a few steps, by this time the MP's were there and saw the whole thing, I said no harm guys, they were just a little high strung, so let it go, ok, they said ok, but if you want to press charges a few days aboard ship while the crew is on shore leave wouldn't hurt them at all, I smiled and looked at them, I said I'm sure they were just wanting to have some fun, they didn't realize they were scaring the Chief, she said that' right isn't it seamen, they all said yes mam, sorry for scarring you like that. We smiled and walked away, in that time Jill introduced me to Summer and her to me, I said glad to meet you young lady, she smiled and said i"m really glad you came along, they weren't going to take no for an answer, they wanted me to have them all in a sex party, and I was to be the only woman. I said sounds like they knew you, she said well yes, I use to be there little sex person, but now I'm an officer and can't they don't like that at all, so they get me off ship and try to have there fun again, I said hum, sounds like you need to unwind for a week or so, she laughed and said oh yea, you don't know the half of it, Jill chimed in and told her about Fantasy Fest, Summer said oh yea, sounds like fun, count me in, so I said ok, lets get a room for the night and tomorrow we head for Key West, they all said great. We get out of the city and far enough away from the base for her to relax, so we found a nice place, stopped for the night and the girls got a shower and even though I wasn't excepting it, they both came out together nude, I said hum, and I wasn't invited, Jill said we needed some mother daughter time, hope you understand, I said oh yea, how about I go get some food, come back here, you two can have some more time together and when you trough, call me and I'll come back with the eats, they looked at each other and Summer said fine except for one thing, I said yes, she said we were talking about you and how good you were in bed, I was hoping to find out, I said oh, oh well in that case, lets go and eat and then we'll have some quality time in the sack, they both giggled and said your on, so they got dressed and we went for something to eat. We got back, they stripped before I got my shirt off, I said damn ladies, we just ate, slow down, they looked at each other again and said naw, not a chance, and came at me, I held up my hands and surrendered to them, damn they were all over me. I shot my last load into Summer around 1am and we went to sleep, the next morning, Jill was sucking me hard to ride me again, Summer was already at the pool taking some laps because she lost the draw for me, I smiled and said hum, and I'm the prize hey, she shook her head yes, I said well then, you'd better unwrap your prize then, she pulled back the covers and came atop my cock, she rode me until she came and I came shortly after. We got cleaned up and Summer came back in, she smiled and jumped into the shower, we got some fast food breakfast and went on our way, we got to the house, changed and got fresh clothing, then we headed out, we got in the Homestead around 3pm and I told the girls that as soon as we get outside the city limits, they could strip down if they wanted, and they both cheered, when we cleared the city, the two lane road was under construction, and they couldn't strip just yet, I said soon, really soon, and when we cleared that, they took them off without me saying anything, man was that a sight, two beautiful women totally nude riding in the same car as me, damn, I was a lucky man. We pulled into Charley's place around dinner, I went for groceries and the girls unpacked, well they brought in there over night bags, they didn't bring much else, so we relaxed for that evening and the next morning I had them put on there bottoms and shirts and we headed into town, well it was just like I told them, they had there shirts off before anything was said, they loved it, we roamed the town, went shopping in the stores, all the other people didn't pay them any mind, it was normal that time of year, so they loved the freedom. We went to the bar and restaurant that I told Jill about and they gladly gave up there to go in, we got our seats, they over looked the town, we could see all the others roaming around topless and getting painted so they wanted to do that, the waitress told us of a guy that has won the most awards for his art work, and we went to him afterwards. Jill got painted as a field of daisies and butterfly's, Summer got dragonflies painted on her, the were both totally nude the whole time and couldn't wait to get out into the crowds being nude, well almost, the paint covered the most of them, but hey, they were happy, so, so was I. It was a Thursday and the real crowds started to come in, and damn did they, it went from somewhat crowed to impossible to move, the girls and I had to hold hands to keep from getting separated, we found a place to stand and while there, Summer whispered to me that someone had just felt her up, she was all smiles, Jill said yea, she got fingered a few times, she loved it, Summer was into this scene totally. We found a place to lean up against a building to relax and Summer said she really had to pee, I said ok, lets go to the port-a-pots then, so we gave up our spots and headed there, Jill got separated from us so we went on and she came alone soon after, she was all smiles so Summer was coming out of the port-a-pot and said ok, what happened, I know that look, she giggled and said well we all just got invited to a party tonight at the west side on the city, starts at dark and goes until whenever, I said sounds like fun, want to go?, they both smiled and said oh yea. The girls had on little stick on things on there pussies, the police told them they had to have something over them down there, so they bought them to keep them happy, both when we got to the party, well those soon got lost, there was more fucking than you could even imagine, there were more bodies than I could imagine in one house, they had a three kegs of beer sitting in ice on the patio and some chips and dip, but most were going for the sex, I saw one woman having three guys at once, they had her pussy and ass and mouth filled, she was getting her body worked on really well, she pulled the cock out of her mouth and let out a scream of pleasure and came really hard, then she took the cock back in her mouth and started to suck him off. This went on for a couple of days, the girls were having so much fun, they didn't want to leave, as soon as one guy came, another would take his place, I had so many women, I lost count, I know I only had four loads to shoot, but hey, I could pump the hell out of them couldn't I? We crashed the whole day Saturday until dark, then we went to the parade and that's when Jill wanted to get rings in her pussy and nipples, Summer tried to talk her out of it, but she said she's always wanted to, so this would be her one final fling, we said well yea, but it's so permanent, even the guy that was doing it, he tried to talk her out of it, so we gave in and she got it done, she wasn't to have sex for three days, under no circumstances was she to have sex, well we thought that would deter her, but she was ok with that, so she went through with it, she screamed when he went throw her nipples, it was the most painful part, but it went away quickly, so she went around with bandages on her nipples for about an hour, really they were cold patches, but it made it easier for her. Summer would just smile at her and say your nuts you know that, and Jill would just smile, She tried to take me on Sunday but no go, but by Tuesday, she was hell bent to have a cock inside her, so she looked for a small hung guy, and well she had no problem in that department, she found numerous ones walking around. She took them all on and was happy once again, I finally got to fuck her after Wednesday and we screwed for the day, We had to take summer back after that and we spent two days on the road, it was a great two weeks, and Summer was totally happy, she couldn't wait to have another leave and spend it with us, so when we left her, she gave us both a kiss and squeezed my cock as she left, I smiled and watched her walk towards the ship. Jill and I spent the next month together and then she said she wanted to move back to Key West, she loved the style of living and the freedom, so I rented a truck and moved her to an apartment there, she opened a small boutique offering nipple and pussy covers for the tourist, her main thing was selling nipple and pussy piercing products, the last time I talked to her, she was doing really well, had numerous steady customers and had lots of lovers, she was really happy, I go and see her ever so often, I've seen Summer a few times when she was in the area, she went to see her mom one time, they went on a fuck -a- thon and had between them over fifty guys, or at least that's what they said, so I'm happy they like it, I'm happy for them.

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