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Nuns Initiation

Nun's Initiation

By StoneyPoint - Mar 6, 2011 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 53844 “Have them come over at eight” he told her. “They’ll need to know a few things.”
She went and instructed the 3 new nuns to head over to the rectory as told. There were Sisters Natalie, Maria, and Theresa. All were about 25. All were new to the parish. All of them were going to get instructions by Fr. Angelo and although he wasn’t too much older he was going to have his way with the new and somewhat pretty looking nuns.
“Good evening Sisters. Come on in. Let’s go in here. Please. Sit down” he told them.
They followed him in and took there seats. He was quiet for a moment and then looked up. He told them about the parish and he told them about its history. He paused a number of times before telling them “Sister Maria and Sister Theresa, you can go. I have some things I’d like to go over with Sister Natalie. Thank you.”
They left. He walked back in and sat down beside Sister Natalie. Smiling he told her “What I’m going to tell you is for your ears only, Sister.” She looked at him with great curiosity. He looked deeply into her eyes making sure he had her full attention. He laid his hand on hers. “The reason you are here Sister is because” and he paused a moment before saying “I need some help.”
Calmly she said “Oh yes Father. Anything I can do to help you, I am ready.”
In an equally calm tone, he said “Good Sister. Very good.” No smile as he kept his hand on hers and looked into her eyes. She looked back at him smiling ever so slightly and waiting to hear what he had to say. “I need some umm personal assistance on something” he went on to say.
“Yes Father and what is that?” she asked.
Still his hand was on hers and he was still looking deeply into her eyes. He stood up. Knowing the rectory was empty, he walked to the door of his office. He locked it. She grew slightly curious as to why he’d do that. He came back, sat down, and looked her in the eyes. He then smiled. Knowing he was in pretty good shape he undid the top of his robe.
“Father!” she exclaimed quietly. “What are you doing?”
Initially he said nothing. He looked at her as she saw the shirt beneath it become visible. He undid the robe some more and watched her expressions as he did. Again, she called out his name, not understanding why he was doing what he was doing.
“You are going to assist me with some gratifying activity, Sister” he said.
“Pardon me?” she replied.
“Here” and he took her hand, placing it upon his chest although his shirt was still intact. He watched her as he did. Then he let go of her hand and undid his shirt. She tried to stand up to leave. “No. Sit down. First you will take care of what I want and need and then you can leave.” His voice and words were so subtle and sweet that it never sounded like he was demanding at all.
However, she was shaking her head as if saying “No I can’t” or “No I won’t do that.”
“This will be okay Sister” he told her as if almost sure everything would be.
He undid more of his robe and removed it. There he sat in a long sleeved button down shirt and his slacks and shoes also. She was in her habit of course and watched him look her over. What was he thinking her face said? She wasn’t sure but whatever it was, it wasn’t good. That much was for sure.
“Here. I am going to unbutton my shirt for you, and you will undo your habit for me” he told her. Her eyes grew wider. “Go on. Undo it” he said. She was shaking her head. “Now, now Sister. This is the way it must be done” he told her. “Once it all happens, once you begin this, you will truly enjoy it, and want much more once you’ve done it.”
She swallowed hard. She was a minister of god and so was he so why was this happening, she asked herself. Why? Why me, she wondered? Oh god. Oh my lord. No, please no, she kept telling herself.
“Go on. Undo your habit” he said almost tenderly.
He undid two buttons on his shirt as she watched. Could this really be happening she asked herself? Is this really like this elsewhere in other diocese, other parishes? It couldn’t be she told herself. Her heartbeat rose. She grew more and more frightened of what was about to happen, whatever that was she thought.
Again he said “Go on Sister. Undo your habit or I’ll assist you with it.”
Still his tone of voice was quiet. He was not rushed and he didn’t even sound rushed. He undid two more buttons on his shirt and unfolded, for her, a positive image to her of his athletic looking upper body. He smiled, meekly. He followed the expressions on her face closely. He reached out and touched her hands gently.
“This will be fine Sister, all very fine, okay? You’ll see. You’ll enjoy these moments. Trust me” he told her. “You will.” Again, she grew more scared and again she swallowed hard as she looked Father Angelo. “Here, let me assist you with this” he went on to say as he began to undo her vestments.
She did not move. She didn’t even raise a hand as he began slipping this and that away from her chest. All she did was sit in her chair watching him do what he was doing. She was scared to death. Her breathing seemed to increase as he pushed away upper portions of her habit. He looked at her chest. She wore a lightweight top which covered her brassiere and he smiled at her. He stopped and pondered what to do next.
“Now, do you want to do the rest for me or would you like me to keep going?” he said.
Initially she said nothing. So he had her stand up. He stood, stretched out his hand, and took hers in his. He unbuttoned her vestments, com completely. As stated, beneath it were a top and a pair of nondescript slacks. He smiled, again.
“Here, let’s remove the habit, Sister.”
She did nothing. He took it and removed it over her head. He looked at her again, smiling some more. He undid his shirt for her and folded it and laid it, along with her habit on a chair. The room, like the rectory, was quiet. Not a soul existed anywhere.
“You have nice bosoms, Sister” he told her.
She blushed once she heard his words and replied “Father, I am a minister of god and so are you.” But he hushed her.
“Shhhhh. We both know this but Sister we are both human as well. I am a man and you are a woman. We both have needs and these needs, well they can, and do grow strongly at times. Now is one of them, so shhhh.”
Even though her top was still on he reached out. He looked at her chest and touched one of her boobs. She jumped backwards. Her eyes grew wide. He smiled more. He liked how her tit felt and did it again.
“Yours feel nice, Sister” he said quietly. He felt it again.
Again, she seemed to stumble backwards as his fingers touched her boobs. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t seem to resist it at all. He watched her reactions as he felt them and to her he truly seemed to be enjoying himself a lot.
“Please don’t Father” she said repeatedly.
“Why shouldn’t I, Sister? Why shouldn’t you feel my hands on your breasts?”
“Because this” and she paused then said “this is wrong. Very wrong, Father!”
“Yes. Yes it is but is it not pleasurable, Sister?” he came back.
He was right although she didn’t say so or show it either. His hands on her boobs did feel good and although she liked it, a lot more then she should, she knew she had to stop, and at all costs if she could.
“But Father! Father we can not. We should not” she tried getting across to him.
“Ohhhhhh Sister, what you do not know” he said, knowing what he wanted next.
“Pardon me?” she said.
“Here let me show you something” he told her.
With that he took her hand. He lowered it, unknowingly, to his crotch as he watched her eyes and her next reaction. He placed her hand on it and she couldn’t believe it at all. She felt his crotch. His crotch. His groin. His penis. He pressed it down into his groin so that she could surely feel what he wanted to have taken care of.
“Feel this, Sister.” His eyes closed. His chin rose up. He took a deep breath of air. He smiled as his hand controlled hers and pressed it against his limp but wanting cock. “Do you like it at all?”
She did not say yes but she did not say no. He kept the hand against his crotch. He watched her as he kept it against it. He pressed hard and moved it around it. He was ready and wanted her to see and feel it for real.
“Here” he said as he let go of her hand and undid his slacks. “Feel it a little more” he told her. He smiled into her eyes. He grabbed her hand and laid it on his crotch again.
“Oh god” she said, feeling his penis better. In a stuttered pitch she said “Oh my god!”
He watched and studied her, closely. He could tell there was something different in the way she uttered those words. “I can see that you do like this, don’t you?” Then he said as he let go of her hand “Here, feel it some more” and he removed his underwear.
Her eyes went big. For the very first time in her life she was looking at a real man’s penis. His was narrow but it was long and limp. He took her hand and placed it on it. He watched and waited while the open flat palm laid motionless on it.
“Go on. Take hold of it, Sister. Stroke it. You will see something fantastic shortly after that” he said.
She did as instructed. She cupped her hand around it and grabbed it, lightly. She began stroking the priests cock as told to do but oddly she liked doing it. She kept on doing it and as she did, she looked at him with curiosity.
“Like this, Father?” she said.
He nodded. “Yes, like that Sister. Mmmmmm yes” he added. “Want to do something extraordinary?”
“What is that?” she said.
“Here” and he stood and took her hand. “Come over here.”
She followed him to the couch where he sat down and told her to get on her knees. “Put your mouth, your lips on me” he said.
“Pardon me? Do what, Father?” she asked.
“You heard me. Put your mouth on my penis, Sister” and with that he took hold of her head and planted it down on his limp shaft, making her practically swallow it into her mouth. He controlled it as she swallowed and sucked him off. But she did not resist. “Mmmmmm, yes. Like that, Sister. Ohhh yes, like that. More. More” he kept saying.
Before either knew it, he was hard. It was erect. He wanted to cum and he wanted her to make sure it happened and on her too. He told her to keep sucking away at it so she did even though his hands were on her head while she sucked away at the priests cock.
He let up. Although her head dress was still on as well as her lightweight top and slacks, he laid her out on the couch, and did the rest. He jacked off over her body. She watched not knowing what to expect. Within minutes of being sucked off, he came all over top. Then she went limp. He was done. She was horny. She didn’t know what to do but what she needed was to be felt up and fingered.
He knew that but didn’t do anything, at that time, about it. “You come back in, lets see, three days Sister, and you and I’ll do this again. However, next time you and I will do a few things differently. Say for instance those feelings your experiencing? I am going to help you take care of them. I am going to take my erection, Sister, and I am going to let you place it inside your vagina. I am going to have sex with you. And get this. You will enjoy every last second of it too. You’ll want more and more and you’ll want to get together with me all the time.”
Her eyes closed. Her head dropped and she said “Ohhhhhh my god, yes. Yes Father, yes. I do want that. I do, I do.”
He stood up, began dressing, and kissed her on her cheek. Once dressed, he patted her ass and sent her on her merry way. “Thank you, Father” she said. He smiled.

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