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watch Cracks torrent

watch Cracks torrent

The film was produced in 2008, written for the screen by Caroline Ip and Ben Court and Jordan Scott, based on a novel written by Sheila Kohler, directed by Jordan Scott and produced by Kwesi Dickson, Andrew Lowe, Julie Payne, Rosalie Swedlin and Christine Vachon. Ridley and Tony Scott serve as executive producers.The film was mostly filmed in Wicklow Ireland. Watch Cracks movie online here and instantly taste the addictive flavor of direct online entertainment. Enjoy instant video play triggered by a truly spurred up data transfer rate, as we don_t want to keep the entertainment addicts waiting, especially when it comes to settling their craving for enjoying a captivating movie. "Cracks" is the new film of the very talented director Jordan Scott, daughter of Ridley Scott and niece of Tony Scott. It is a very intense drama about a not very inspirational teacher and her isolated students in a very strict, all girls boarding school in 1930s England. The film stars Eva Green as the teacher Miss G., Juno Temple as Di, Maria Valverde as Fiamma. It begins with intrdocuing the school, the girls and the teacher Miss G. This movie tells the story of a psychical ill women. Mrs. G. wasn't just a lesbian, she was destructive and a taking character. She lived in a world which just existed in her mind. She lied to the girls in most of what she said. Her "travels" her stories and all the "desire is everything" stuff was just something out of her mind and not, as she wanted from her experiences in live. Throughout the movie its shown how much Mrs. G. build up a building of lies which stumbled when someone who knew the facts, came and said the truth. Indeed its a very good movie, very deep story but maybe a sad ending. "Cracks" follows an elite group of boarding school girls who compete for the attention of their free-thinking and glamorous young teacher Miss G (Green). She encourages them to indulge their desires, flout the establishment and - suggesting a world of adventures in her own past - pursue a life of independence and travel. The girls are thrilled to have such an inspiring teacher, but the status quo is threatened when the arrival of an exotic and beautiful Spanish student (Maria Valverde) disturbs the girl's rigid and remorseless power structure. Favored girl Di Radfield (Juno Temple) feels especially threatened and, as Ms G's hold over the girls progresses from emancipation to obsession, there are tragic consequences for everyone. A look at the lives and relationships among girls at an elite British boarding school. | Cracks is a 2011 drama movie, directed by Jordan Scott. The movie stars Eva Green as Miss G, Juno Temple as Di Radfield and Maria Valverde as Fiamma. Miss G is a free-spirited teacher in girl's boarding school, who teaches her students to cherish their dreams. Miss G feels that it's her duty to tell the girls about the ways of world, and for the same reason, girls admire their glamorous teacher. The girls have a diving team, in which Di is the captain. She makes her rules in order to state her authority, but everything changes when a new girl, Fiamma, enters the school and becomes the favorite of Miss G. The teacher is captivated by Fiamma's charm and starts giving her more importance. The close relationship of Miss G with Fiamma makes Di jealous and she attempts to make everything difficult for her. Di encourages everyone to bully Fiamma and get her out of the school. After following Di, the girls in the school finally try to befriend Fiamma. It would be interesting to see in Cracks video whether Di accepts Fiamma as one of her classmates or will she continue her efforts to trouble Fiamma. Besides, there are some secrets attached with the life of Miss G as well. So, it will be ultimate fun to know the past life of Miss G because the revelation of secrets may change the outlook of everyone towards her.

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