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The Top 5 Female Sex Toys...

The Top 5 Female Sex Toys...

Before I begin, let me just point out that this is the "Top 5 female Sex Toys" according to our site. I've came up with the list purely on sales figures of each item and feedback that we have had back from our customers about said sex toys. I'm sure that on any other adult sex shop that the most popular sex toys will more than likely vary from ours. Below, you will find our list of the top 5 female sex toys. These are our top selling sex toys that women have bought and have been very happy with their purchase, happy enough that some of them have emailed us feedback about their purchase... Here is our list of Top 5 female Sex Toys... 1. naughtys4you product_info ?products_id=4510Bead Blossom (Mini Rabbit) only _14.99 Customer feedback "This is a great sex toy, even though it's a little smaller than regular rabbit vibrators, it has no problem whatsoever hitting all the right spots. The orgasm I have using this toy is so intense and at only _14.99 it is easily one of the best sex toys that I have bought for the money. My boyfriend loves it also and can't get enough of using it on me. It's a fantastic little rabbit." 2. naughtys4you product_info ?products_id=4491Bens G-Spot smoothy only _10.99 Customer feedback "I bought this to try an reach my G spot and give the whole SQUIRTING thing a go, well it didn't make me squirt (not sure if I can) but I did find my G Spot with it and I don't think I've ever felt anything quite like this. AMAZING!" 3. naughtys4you product_info ?products_id=2532Glass Sapphire Waterfall only _19.99 Customer feedback "Wow, _19.99 for a glass sex toy such as this one is virtually unheard of and now that I've tried glass toys I doubt I'll go back to the regular toys. Me and my husband have been heating it up with warm water before we use it and is nothing short of mind blowing. Many Thanks x" 4. naughtys4you product_info ?products_id=2477Silent Vibrations white only _14.99 Customer feedback "Lots of sex toys claim that they are silent (I know I own some of them, and silent they are not) but this one really is, it is whisper silent. No need to turn the TV up so that my neighbours don't hear loud buzzing noises coming from my bedroom anymore. It also doesn't look anything like sex toy which is nice incase I ever leave it lying around." 5. naughtys4you product_info ?products_id=4464Buzz Bunny only _8.95 Customer feedback "Brilliant little toy that I can just slip over my finger and make myself climax within minutes, small enough to take anywhere and I have kept it in my handbag since the day I got it. Great to pull out and pass a few minutes of the day with. I love it." That's our top 5 list, hopefully you can get some ideas from it, whether you are buying for yourself or for a loved one. Bella.
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