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Moneymaking Erotic Nude Photography Styles: MILFS (Mature Women)

Moneymaking Erotic Nude Photography Styles: MILFS (Mature Women)

This category is comprised of "mature" women who are attractive and usually in good physical shape for their age. Though I tend to consider "MILFs" to be women who are 40 years old or above, it seems common these days for younger women to also be placed in the "MILF" category.
Various lighting techniques can be used when shooting older women. Some fans of this type of woman prefer the lighting to be fairly simple; with enough sharpness and contrast to bring out characteristics of the model that readily show her age. On the other hand, some fans like seeing older women portrayed nearly flawlessly. In this case, it's usually best to use a softer and more complimentary lighting style.
Wardrobe styles within the "MILF" category should enhance the fantasy of the "older woman". There are different ways to do this. One way would be to shoot the woman in a "homemaker" style (casual clothes that would be appropriate for doing things around the house).
Another way to go would be the "successful businesswoman" look; for example, having her wear outfits that would be appropriate in an office setting. Yet another style would be to dress her in something very sexy that suggests to the viewer she is "on the prowl" (for example, a cocktail dress with lingerie underneath). Admittedly, all three of these styles are very clich__d and corny. However, that's just the way it is.
Shooting Tips:
In most cases, "older" women will not have a great deal of previous experience in front of the camera. That may seem to be a contradiction, but it's true. I've found that most women in their late 30's or 40's who pursue nude modeling work are doing it for the first time. They will often tell me that modeling nude is something they've been curious about for a long time; however, for one reason or another, they've never tried it.
Due to their inexperience, it's important for you to to clearly direct the shoot and let the model know what is expected of her. For example, she may only have a vague idea about what sort of poses are needed.
On the positive side, women of this age are usually willing to try most anything and take direction very well. They rarely have any of the "attitude" that can come with younger models. Older women will sometimes be a bit insecure about their bodies at first - so it's a good idea to make them feel com comfortable and appreciated.

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